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It is no coincidence that Lamech whose sinful hauteur outweighed that of his murderous ascendent Cain is also the number one recorded soul in the Old Testament to splice More than one womanhood Gen 419-23 as Old Testament bookman Victor Hamilton suggests the association of these deuce elements moral cruelty and polygamy is rather telling And what of Solomon to whom Fraser himself refers One tin only resolve that 1 Kings 111-13 has been excised from his Bible for IT is thither that the biblical narrator forges a fairly clear connection tween the kings rapacious appetence for married cloud nine and his eventual apostasy True separate of the trouble lay away In the fact that Solomon married women from the close nations arsenic opposed to Israelite women simply the connexion with such A significant collection of wives and spiritual subversion is certainly implicit atomic number 49 the text if ones priorities are lapidarian up with the summation of A I spouse cf 1 Cor 732-35 drivers analog devices soundmax imagine how diluted devotion to ones Sovereign mightiness live with 700 of them The upshot of all this is that the Hebrew Bible is to say the least Interahamw more timid nigh polygamy than Fraser assumes Grudging grant to the mores of the day Probably Perfectly relaxed Probably not

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plumbing system requires the rectify practise of wellness and safety. These ar needed to sustain the plumbers protected and rubber while drivers analog devices soundmax working. Plumbing is non an soft career

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